Whole House Ventilation Systems

Refresh Your Whole Home With a Ventilation System

Indoor air quality tends to be worse than outdoor air quality for a few reasons. One big contributor is how the space is enclosed and sealed. Without proper airflow, common indoor pollutants such as dust and carbon monoxide are allowed to build up. You can’t solve this efficiently by keeping your windows open, as your cooling and heating costs will suddenly soar.

An effective solution for stagnant indoor air is a whole house ventilator. Custom Climate Concepts will help you find a reliable product and provide a professional installation.

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Benefits to Expect From a Whole House Ventilation System

With a trusted ventilation system from Custom, you can count on:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – It’s great for your home to have good insulation and sealed cracks, but for the quality of your indoor air? Not so much. A ventilator will cycle out polluted indoor air with fresh outdoor air. The air is also filtered, which prevents pollutants from outdoors from plaguing your home.
  • Great Energy Efficiency – Our systems will avoid the energy waste of an open window or door.
  • A Truly Whole-Home Solution – There are a few other ways you can try to refresh the air in your home, however, these solutions are usually only effective in one or two rooms in the home. A bathroom exhaust fan, for example, will only help with that immediate area.

Ventilators are recommended for residential usage by the Environmental Protection Agency for these reasons.

You can get a better impact when you pair your ventilation system with other air quality products such as an HVAC UV light or air cleaner.

Why Choose Custom For a Fresher Home

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