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WIFI Thermostats: Sarasota & Manatee County, FL

WIFI thermostats are common these days. Anyone can learn to use them and enjoy the benefits from your smart phone. WIFI thermostats connect to your home WiFi router and allow you to access and control your thermostat from your smart phone. Seasonal residents in Sarasota and Bradenton can monitor the temperature in their Florida home when away for the summer. Custom Climate has the perfect solution to help you monitor your home’s temperature, change temperature when not at home and save money with a WIFI thermostat!

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How WIFI Thermostats Work

WIFI thermostats connect to your home wifi router just like many other devices in your home such as phones, tablets, laptops and smart TV’s. If your kids or grand kids ask for your wifi password then you have a WIFI router! Once the wifi thermostat is connected to your wifi router you can download your thermostat’s App and control your thermostat from your phone anywhere on earth. If your phone has an internet connection you can access your thermostat from anywhere to see what the temperature is in home and make changes if necessary.

What if you lose internet signal at your home? – No Problem. Then it acts like an old fashion thermostat and you control it by hand. Once the internet connection is back up at your home then your thermostat will connect to WIFI and you can control it from your phone.

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