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Forced Air Heating & Cooling Systems in Sarasota & Manatee County, FL

When you’re ready for a new heating and air conditioning unit, the first option to consider is a forced air system. These powerhouse HVAC units are the most popular heating and cooling systems in America due to their low installation costs and energy-efficient operation.

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What is Forced Air?

A forced air system uses a central heating and cooling unit connected to your air duct system to push conditioned air to your rooms. The components that make this process work include a heat exchanger, fan, air filter and thermostat, among others. If your home has a central air duct system, you have forced air heating and cooling.

Why Choose Forced Air Heating & Cooling

Most homes in the Sarasota, FL area are built for forced air systems, making them the obvious choice. They are the industry standard for a reason. Forced air systems have the lowest initial installation costs of all HVAC equipment and provide consistent, reliable comfort you can count on. And, because they are the most common HVAC option, maintenance and repairs for them are easy to come by and less expensive than with more specialized equipment.

In addition to being reliable heating and cooling units, forced air systems are also energy-efficient, helping you to spend less on your energy bills. Plus, their internal air filters help reduce allergens and dust in your home—a particular benefit if anyone in your family has chronic allergies or asthma.

When the time comes to replace your air conditioning and heating equipment, consider a forced air system for your home. Custom Climate Concepts will happily evaluate your comfort needs and recommend the best system to meet them. Give us a call at (941) 955-COOL to get started!

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