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Get Customized, Energy-Efficient Home Comfort with Zoning

Does your home have uneven temperatures from room to room? Is it always hotter upstairs than downstairs, no matter how many times you adjust your vents? An HVAC zoning system from Custom Climate Concepts may be the right solution for your needs.

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What is HVAC Zoning?

HVAC zoning optimizes your existing HVAC equipment to give you better comfort and lower energy bills. This is accomplished by first dividing your home into zones. These zones could be as simple as “upstairs and downstairs” or a complex division of sleeping, living/dining and storage spaces. Your Custom HVAC technician will evaluate your home’s cooling needs and help you assign zones to maximize your home comfort and energy efficiency.

After assigning zones, a system of dampers is installed in the ducts at your HVAC unit. These dampers control the flow of air to their corresponding zones, thus controlling the temperature in those areas of the house.

You can set each zone to the same temperature to get even heating and cooling throughout your home or set custom temperatures so the colder-natured members of your family can coexist peacefully with the hotter-natured family members. Each zone will have its own thermostat that controls the dampers for that zone.

Why Choose Zoning

Fully Customized Comfort Because you’re able to set different temperatures for different areas of your home, you can enjoy much better comfort at home. For example, if you cook a lot, you can set a lower temperature in your kitchen to offset the heat from cooking without freezing anyone in the rest of the house!

Lower Energy Bills Zoned systems seem complicated but by only heating and cooling areas as they need it, you can actually shave a significant amount off of your energy usage. Most families who upgrade to a zoned HVAC system see their heating and cooling costs drop by up to 30%.

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