Warning Signs

Warning Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Repair

Custom Climate Concepts has experience repairing any trouble your Air Conditioning and Heating system may have. But how do you know there is a problem? You probably will be experiencing a symptom, like uneven cooling, visible water or no cool at all. For your convenience, here our trained experts have answered questions regarding common Air Conditioning System symptoms and suggested repairs that may be needed. Of course, it’s not an exact diagnosis until we get out to your site and take an in-depth look.

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Uneven Cooling

Q. My air conditioner is not cooling down the house enough or its not cooling it evenly. What may be wrong?

A. It could be that airflow is obstructed, or the system needs to be balanced. Leaking ducts also can cause uneven cooling and loss of pressure. Check to make sure your registers are all open and unobstructed in rooms that are too hot. Ensure all windows are closed and airtight. If there is still uneven cooling after checking airflow, you will need to have your system diagnosed by a licensed technician on site. It may need to be cleaned, balanced, or have ductwork cleaned or repaired.

On and Off

Q. My system is cycling. It turns on and off repeatedly. Help!

A: In this case dirt and debris could be obstructing airflow. Go around the house – inside and out – and remove any debris or ornamentation blocking your equipment. Also change your air filter. It is likely that you will need to have the condenser coil and the evaporator cleaned by one of our professionals.

No Cold Air!

Q. It’s the middle of summer and my AC has stopped cooling altogether. This is not livable. What do I do?

A. There is a range of problems that can cause stoppage: a refrigerant leak, a faulty compressor, or a number of other issues – even an undersized AC system. Any of these symptoms require a technician to diagnose, before a repair can be identified.

On All The Time

Q. I can’t get my AC to turn off. It just runs continuously. It’s driving me crazy. How do I stop it?

A. This symptom’s easiest and most likely fix is a faulty ‘contactor’. The contactor is the communicator between the thermostat and the AC. If the contactor isn’t working, but the thermostat is, then the AC will run without pause. This can cause ice buildup, damage to the compressor and high electric bills. If the AC only stops when you cut power, it’s likely the contactor. Contact a technician for diagnosis and repair. Contactor problems are relatively inexpensive to replace if you fix it before it causes other problems.

Iced Over

Q. My AC unit has frost and/or ice inside it. In fact the coil may be frozen. Can I use a hair dryer and just melt the ice?

A. No! Please don’t try to actively melt any frozen condensation that has formed inside your system. If the unit is running continuously it can become so cold that it freezes on the inside. Try turning your unit off from the thermostat to let it thaw. A frozen coil is more likely to indicate an issue with refrigerant or airflow. Listen for hissing/bubbling noises to indicate a refrigerant leak. In any of these cases, if the problem persists, it will require a diagnosis from a licensed HVAC technician. The fix can range from cleaning the system to fixing the refrigerant leak, or other repairs.

Warm Air Blowing When It Should be Cold

Q. My AC has stopped blowing cool air. The air is blowing; but it is warm. This can’t be good.

A. This problem can has a range of causes but most likely is caused by a faulty compressor or a refrigerant leak. Turn on the unit and listen. If you hear a knocking noise it could be the compressor, if you hear hissing or bubbling it could be a refrigerant leak. Check the refrigerant line for ice buildup. You may also notice an increase in your electric bill. A refrigerant leak can cause major damage to the compressor. Compressors are expensive enough that many homeowners replace the entire unit when one goes bad. Contact a technician if you’re experiencing these issues for a diagnosis. You may need to consider replacing your system.

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